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TIR-TRANS international transportation of cargoes


Dear visitors!

Thank you for your interest to our transport company. On this site you will find more information about us. We hope it will interest you and in the future we will become partners.

The company TIR-TRANS was founded on the 17th of November in 1997 and already on the 16th of June in 1998 was admitted to TIR procedure. The history of the company is determined by the steady growth with the focus not only on increasing of vehicles and number of services, but also on widening of traffic geography.

We are glad to answer all your questions and get feedback and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

The reliability of company work is proved by many factors, in particular:

  • 1. Professional staff managing the transport process.
  • 2. Strong requirements to drivers training, regular control and analyses of their work.
  • 3. Daily maintenance of vehicles.

Our specialists who are responsible for international transport management have a professional theoretical background as well as good work experience. The professional management is improved regularly.

All drivers have no less than 3 years work experience in international transportation. Everyone passes annually compulsory education and probation before starts working independently of experience.

There is a 24 hour mobile connection with each of the drivers. Our own repair areas and timely passing of the after-sales service provide high quality of technical readiness. All vehicles are in the company’s ownership.

Forwarding services

We involve the vehicles of other organizations to conduct the long-term contracts. We have agreements with a lot of transport companies that allow us to provide clients with any type and volume truck according to their requirements and make transportation in any direction in short time.

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